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I Found My New Best Friend!!


My little Shiloh just turned one year old last Sunday! Not only is she a cutie.J She is sooo… sweet and very intelligent! She has a wonderful personality and temperament of an much older dog. When Dannie told me “you can’t go wrong with one of Pumpkin’s puppies …..boy was he so right!!!! I am still amazed at how easy she was to train. She had the whole potty training (outside), at 2 pounds, accomplished in 2 weeks!!! Joanie was so helpful before and after I got Shiloh home. She was always available to answer my questions and that meant so much to me! With no hesitation, I would highly recommend adding one of Joanie and Dannie’s puppies to your home!!!






My new puppy Stewie that I got from you guys is so wonderful! I entered him in the Pet of the Game contest at the University of Minnesota and HE WON!!! Wish us luck at the final vote on November 24th :) Thought I would share the good news with you guys and some fun pictures of him.

It is hard to believe the boys are a year old now. We still laugh
that our intentions were to come home with one little guy and ended up
with 2 of them! What a great decision it was, as it is twice the fun
and entertainment. They have 2 distinct personaliities. Malcom is
outgoing, laid back, fearless and comical. Motley is cautious, a busy
body and loves the water. Both are extremely cuddly, love people and
other animals and are very quick to learn. They had their first 8
tricks mastered within the first 2 weeks. We are constantly
entertained by Motley's deep groan and sigh when he wants something
and Malcom has a funny siren noise when he plays with Motley. Every
morning we wake up to both of them lying with all 4 feet in the air
and it puts a smile on our face.
They get alot of attention when we take them in public. We were
camping last week in Grand Marais and hiked many state park trails.
We were constantly asked what kind of dog they were as their color is
so eyecatching. It seems that many expect them to be some king of
fancy designer dog and are surprised when we tell them they are
purebred poodles as their next question is - are they a special brand
of poodle? I should just start telling them they are a Rehberger
brand. I have given your contact information to many people now as not
only are they beautiful dogs, they are calm and relaxed as the first
day we brought them home and people are impressed with that.
Thank you for breeding such wonderful poodles and for all of your
support and knowledge during our infant stage with them. You were so
helpful answering all of our questions. You truly provide a great
service and I highly recommend you to anyone looking for a new member
to their family.
I have included a collage of some of my favorite pictures so you can
see how they frequently get mistaken for stuffed animals. :)


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Just had to write to tell you how estatic I am with my new "Diva"!! lol When I found this gal on your website, she was a smooth coated blue and white girl with the sweetest face. I fell in love and committed to add her to my family. I remember when you emailed me and said her hair was going to be midlength and "do you still want her?" Of course I still wanted her.......it was like frosting on the cake!! Well, today she is my little "koala bear". I say this because she fluffs her hair out when she plays and looks just like one! lol She was super soft when I picked her up and she is still very soft. Very nice coat. Her personality is to die for and she demands to be the one being held when I get home at night. I will definately get another one from you should the time arise. You are very honest, caring and helpful and I am glad to call you a friend now. Thanks for the love (Gretchen La Diva) you let me take on. I will love her forever.



 I would HIGHLY recommend Rehbergerspuppyluv.com if you are looking for a puppy!! They are wonderful! You can tell her love and passion for her dogs and puppies. They breed poodles, yorkies and chihuahua's. I recently got a little poo...
dle girl. She is magnificent little girl. I've never had such a friendly, happy go lucky puppy. She loves everyone that holds her. I also get so many compliments on her. She is a healthy little girl and is pretty much potty trained when I got her. Of course there are some accidents but that's expected with puppies. Tasha has brought a lot of joy and happiness to our household. I know if anyone decides to purchase a puppy from Rehbergerspuppylov.com you will be so happy just like I am!!



Back in January my fiance and I brought home a puppy from the litter Bella had on 11/11/11. Today is Rico's birthday and I wanted to let you know how happy we are to have him and share a couple birthday photos with you! Rico has been a delight since the moment we brought him home. He is the sweetest little guy! He has two older sisters (Hershey - a chocolate lab and Abby - a boxer) and they all get along really well. We often find Rico snuggled up with one of them for a nap. Rico weighs in at only 6.3 pounds, but he runs and plays with his sisters as if he was just as big as they are. We couldn't have asked for a better addition to the family and look forward to many more happy birthdays with Rico.

Thank you,
Kara and Todd

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I was going through my pictures on my digital camera and I would like to share an updated photo of our little girl Muffin (Bella's last litter born on 6/17/12), this was taken on Christmas eve. She's very spunky who loves giving kisses and everyone just love her, she is wonderful in every way and we could not ask for more, she's our little joy. =)
Thanks so much for such a wonderful job on raising these little bundles of joy.
-Shirley V.


 The moment I spoke with them she made me feel at ease. I had lost my precious chihuahua that I had purchased from a different breeder. She was very knowledgable about the condition my dog had. I knew after that hour she spent talking to me I could never purchase from anyone else.
When I decided I was ready for a puppy I called Joan. She was understanding caring and walked me through every step. When I started to have second thoughts and if I was ready. Her gentle voice and caring emails soothed my fears and helped me heal my broken heart.
I work as a dog groomer and have seen many dogs step through the door. The results of bad breeding evident in tempermant and looks. The balance of tempermant and show quality looks is evident in Joans pups.
When I came to pick up my little girl I did not walk into a breeding facility I was welcomed into a home and offered coffee and educated by someone who puts her heart into these little babies. If your ready for a puppy or even thinking about it Rehbergers Puppy Luv is the only way to go. I am even waiting with fingers crossed for the next perfect puppy to add to the pack. Thank you Joan, I cant say how much you have given me.


HThe Vet at the grooming place that we took Teddy to today said that he is beautiful! He said that I was super lucky to get such a great dog off the Internet! You have SUPER SPECIAL babies! Thank you, and Thank you again, so very much for our baby boy!!!!   Jan


This is Brad.  I adopted a puppy from you back in January.  I wanted to give you an update on how he’s doing.  First, we ended up naming him Jasper, which we found out later is derived from Old French and means “spotted or speckled stone.”  Very appropriate.  My roommate and I are so pleased with him.  He has made such an amazing addition to our family.  He is happy and healthy and very much loved.  The first few months were challenging since it was our first time with a puppy in the house, but he has grown into a wonderful dog.  My roommate and I joke about how we lucked out because he is seriously the perfect dog.  He barely barks, very intelligent, curious, socializes well with other dogs and he loves being around people.  We have been contemplating getting him a friend and if we decide to do it, we will probably get another Cavapoo.  They are just amazing dogs.  You may find us looking you up in the near future.  Thank you for everything.  J


 Amazing caring breeder

If you are looking for a puppy you don't need to look no further, this is the most caring and informative breeder I have ever came across, Dan is so sweet, honest and caring and the puppies are raised in the families home's (they are family run) and boy does it show in their personality's!, when I arrived all the dogs greeted me and were so friendly, the home is clean and so are the dogs, VERY impressed!! I had a long search for the right puppy and I just purchased my second puppy from this family and I could not be happier, I believe I will be back for one more to complete my family and I would never consider going any were else but rehbergerspuppyluv.com I have two beautiful HEALTHY Dog's from them, Zoey and Wilma are the best Dogs I could ask for everyone stops me to ask we're I got them and I tell them the best breeder in Minnesota Joanie Hebert!!



My name is Melissa and this past March I purchased a little tri colored chihuahua from you and your brother. She was in what's up litter. I just had to reach out to you and tell you that she is the most wonderful little dog, and we truly love having her in our family. She was the toughest thing to potty train, but since getting past that hurdle I am not sure I have loved 3.5 pounds of anything more then I do her! Just wanted to thank you for breeding a healthy, good natured family companion as I have experienced the results of bad breading previously and truly appreciate it. I have attached a picture of Savannah.
Hope you all are well.
Today at 10:50 AM



This is “Pink” checking in (Diamonds 7/23/12 litter of 8).  I am 2 ½ years old now and things are going just great!  I am happy, healthy, and I love my family!  My mom brings me to the salon every month to get my nails painted (pink, of course!).  My mom is the best – she holds me ALL of the time and treats me like a princess.  I attached a picture of me in my sparkly holiday dress, aren’t I the prettiest Chi EVER?


In the summer time I get to visit our cabin up north, I especially love the long drive up there on my mom’s lap.  I do NOT like to go in the lake but I love to visit with all of the kids and the neighbor dogs.  My mom taught me how to fetch and I am really good at it, way better than my Vizsla sister, Sydney.  My mom says that when she’s ready for me to get a new sister, she will call you.  She says I am the best dog she has ever had and it is because of you.


Say hi to everyone!







I just wanted to send you a couple pictures of the precious puppy we purchased from you on June 28th.  At first we named her Stella, however after only 3 hours we changed it to Harper, and it really fits her.  We absolutely LOVE her!
I want to thank you, she is very well mannered and so loving.  She melted our hearts the moment we snuggled her.  She was almost completely potty trained and played fetch from day one.  She has such a great personality and plays well with our grand-dog, Tanner (a yorkie-poo).
She was obviously loved from the start, and for that we are so thankful!  If anyone tells us they are looking for a puppy, we will definitely recommend you!
In His Grace,


This is Koda, he's 10 weeks old. When we decided to get a puppy after our Yorkie passed away, it was a whirlwind of emotions. With those emotions, came a TON of questions along with many phone calls to Joanie. She was so patient, kind and knowledgeable about her breeds and their history. She took the time to listen to our needs, answer and explain every question we had and then on the day we picked Koda up, she showed us the wonderful home like environment that he started his journey in. We received the best little well rounded puppy in the world! Joanie gives her puppies unconditional love and lets them learn with the experiences that they need to continue their lives in the homes of the people who are lucky enough to find rehbergerspuppyluv.com. These puppies are Joanie's pride and joy! Our Koda is doing great at potty training & loves his baths and haircuts. He isn't afraid of the hairdryer or clipper, or anything else for that matter! He loves to play and run too. He's extremely smart as he has learned to sit, stay and come. He has also mastered the words potty, poop, thirsty and treat. That's amazing for a 10 week old puppy! If you are looking for a new addition to your family, I strongly urge you to call Joanie! Not only is she a great breeder but she is a wonderful person who cares about her puppies. She makes sure that they find loving and nurturing environments so that they stay healthy and continue to grow.  Rest assured, Joanie is awesome!
Thank you Joanie I feel blessed to have Koda.... and to have met you!