Health Guarantee




The puppy you have purchased is guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase. The puppy will be current on vaccinations and worming at the time of purchase. It is the responsibility of the buyer to keep up on vaccinations and worming at the expense of the buyer. The health of the puppy is guaranteed for ten day's from date of purchase through examination by a licensed veterinarian at the expense of the buyer. If the puppy is found to be in unsatisfactory health and a written vet statement is provided the dog and papers are returned, the seller shall refund 100% of the purchase price. We also guarantee the puppy against any hereditary or congenital disorder that may interfere with the puppies ability to lead a normal life, this is a one year guarantee which covers disorders such as heart murmur, skeletal adnormalties and blindness, in the event of such an occurance seller will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value when one becomes available, provided a vet statement is submitted to seller as to the nature of the problem and the dog and papers are returned, this is on a replacement basis only and puppy is returned at the cost of the buyer, this guarantee does not include hypoglycemia, coccidia or parasites as these are easily treated, it also does not include abuse, neglect or accidents. It is understood by both buyer and seller that the buyer is responsible for any vet costs of any kind and nature after date of purchase including vaccinations. Seller cannot guarantee size, color, ear set or ability to show. No other guarantees are made or implied by seller except those stated in this written guarantee.